The Next Revolution in Security

Forensic Technology for Fine Art and Collectibles

FACT offers an all-in-one solution to collection management, verifying authenticity, monitoring changes in condition, tracking asset location, and more – all securely stored in an accessible database on the blockchain.

An All-In-One Solution for Collectible Assets

FACT is focused on providing innovative solutions to address the biggest challenges facing the collectible industry. Our advanced forensic technology and comprehensive management platform allows everyone from collectors to insurers to easily manage collections all over the world. FACT leverages advanced forensic technology, analytics tools, and blockchain architecture to protect your assets.

FACT captures hyper-detailed 3D digital fingerprints from surface scans of art and other collectables using non-contact nondestructive white light interferometry. These digital fingerprints serve as a basis for our in-depth forensic analysis. FACT’s analytics software tools evaluate fingerprints to qualitatively assess surface variance, wear, and degradation for a new standard of data-driven reporting.

Our software provides the first automated solution to condition reporting, with defect highlighting, summary statistics and detailed report generation. All reports are stored in our blockchain enabled database creating an immutable continuous provenance record updating automatically with each new scan.

With additional features such as real-time asset tracking, FACT provides confidence when securing loans or sharing your collectables with the world. FACT’s secure blockchain database is accessible online or in our app, keeping all your records at the tips of your fingers no matter where you go.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Collectible Market – and the Fraud, Theft, and Forgery Behind It.


An estimated 50,000 pieces of art are stolen every year.


The black market for stolen art is over $2B annually.


10% of the overall art and collectibles market is subject to fraudulent activity, per Interpol.


The numismatic market was valued at $4.1B in 2019


The FBI estimates 80% of all art crime is fraud, forgeries and fakes – not theft.


The FBI estimates 50% of sports memorabilia in the market is fraudulent.


The art market was valued at $64.1B in 2019.


Art crime is the 3rd highest grossing crime in the world.

The entire art crime industry worldwide is a $6 billion endeavor. The biggest part of the art crime industry worldwide is fraud.

Robert Wittman
Founder of the FBI Art Crime Team

FACT Can End Forgery and Fraud

FACT is the world’s first comprehensive collection management system with automated reporting, authenticity verification and end-to-end security for every piece on a single platform.

Add a New Piece to your Collection

Add a new piece to your FACT collection with a quick scan to capture it’s digital fingerprints. Visit us at a FACT location or schedule an appointment and we will come to you with our portable FACT secured device.

Capture Digital Fingerprints

FACT uses a hyper-secure blockchain ledger to store all collection records, asset information, and fingerprints. This prevents 3rd parties from manipulating your sensitive data and creates an immutable link between you and your assets.

Automated Condition Reporting

Rescan pieces anytime to assess changes in condition such as wear and tear from light exposure or mishandling. FACT automatically generates condition reports based on cutting-edge forensic analysis, providing a data driven approach to assessing damage.

Verification of Authenticity

At any time, pieces can be rescanned to quickly and conclusively assess authenticity. Digital fingerprints captured at onboarding are matched with the rescan to unequivocally assess the authenticity of the piece scanned.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Asset is tagged with noninvasive GPS technology, giving collectors the ability to see the location of each piece in their collection in a single digital interface.

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