Forensic Technology for Advanced Security

Our innovative forensic technology, advanced analytics and a versatile collection management system bring a wealth of solutions.

FACT makes managing your collection simple with our automated forensic analysis process and blockchain database.  With fast affordable reporting, authenticity verification and GPS tracking, trust between all key stakeholders can now be verified.

FACT’s innovative collection platform offers a secured, centralized, database for storage, review and scheduling of FACT services.  From our platform, users can track their assets location, store sensitive provenance documents, access reporting records and more.  Records are secured on the blockchain ensuring security of your private information stays private.

The FACT database is the bridge between FACT users and our powerful forensic tools.  Together our system simplifies nearly every aspect of collection management, while defining a new standard in authenticity verification, condition reporting and much more.   From collectors to insurance providers, the FACT system adds unique benefits delivering security and peace of mind. We believe FACT will noticeably diminish fraud and forgery in fine art and collectibles now and in the future.


FACT is particularly excited to work alongside artists starting their provenance story from the very beginning.  The FACT approach offers a simple streamlined approach speeding up sales and increasing value in the future.

The system enables seamless transfer of ownership when a piece is sold and tracks its activities over its lifetime. With a complete provenance record, artists and their reputations are protected from fraud and forgery forever.


Collectors can now share their collection with confidence.  FACT’s system automates condition reporting, GPS tracking and authenticity verification, so you can manage your collection from anywhere.  Our unique collection management platform offers advanced features to ensure detailed up-to-date information when you need it.  Transferring documents for resale or adding new pieces to your blockchain record is secure, reliable and fast.  Records are available online or in our mobile app.

GPS tracking of the artwork enables the collector to know exactly where the piece is at all times giving them peace of mind that their valuables are authentic and secured. FACT’s system enables collectors to use artwork as collateral for loans or to include it in their wealth portfolio by ensuring authenticity and valuations of the artwork.


Dealers can now confidently promote their works through small businesses, art fairs and exhibitions with real-time tracking and on-demand reporting.  FACT allows dealers to track their inventory and record each touchpoint through our online platform.  Blockchain technology provides a detailed record of who, what, where, and when the piece was at every point of contact; for enhanced management, information and security.

FACT scans quickly ensure the artwork is authentic and informs dealers of any microscopic damaged prior to sale, after a loan or when traveling.  The seamless flow of information makes marketing, selling and managing an extensive portfolio easier than ever, while adding value to prospective buyers.

Auction Houses

FACT gives auction houses peace of mind by protecting their inventory, customers and reputation with empirical verification of authenticity and blockchain security.  Records stored on the blockchain provide auction houses with a record of the piece and its authenticity through detailed and verifiable data records.

All documentation is easily accessible on the blockchain system, speeding up document review for appraisal and easily transferred upon sale.  FACT offers a uniquely affordable solution for secure tracking, condition assessment and authenticity when transported, ensuring patrons receive exactly what they purchased.

Financial Institutions

Wealth managers, insurance companies and secured-lenders can reliably incorporate collectables into their portfolio. FACT’s advanced reporting protects against fraud through accurate assessments of damage, authenticity and value.  With real-time tracking, assets can be collateralized without storage, expanding on the available pieces available for financing.

However, inaccurate provenance records present the largest obstacle for financial institutions.  With incomplete information assessing risk profiles, value and growth often makes including fine arts and collectibles difficult. These challenges lead to high interest rates, insufficient coverage and low appraisals.  The FACT system offers complete data-driven provenance record for robust due-diligence and more accurate valuations.  The FACT platform and forensic technology collectively offer financial institutions an affordable in house art expert available online.

Transportation Companies

FACT provides transportation companies peace of mind by providing them with data to protect them from claims of fraud, theft, and damage. Advanced real-time GPS tracking along the route creates an immutable record of location for reference in case of damage, theft, or fraud.  FACT’s in-depth analysis offers  enhanced assessment of claim to quickly reduce fraud and litigation.

Studies show 50% of all claims result from transporting or storing of the artwork.  FACT enables companies to assess authenticity and condition providing objective evidence against fraudulent claims of theft or damage. Blockchain offers transportation companies immutable tracking of valuable assets and a detailed record of who handled the item throughout the transportation process.

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